Corporate Events at

Ardenwood Historic Farm

Whether you're planning your company's summer picnic, team building or family fun day, post-conference dinner, or if you want a conference space with a little bit of natural scenery.. Ardenwood Historic Farm is suitable for any occasion and will transport your guests back in time with old-fashioned fun!

We are open for events from Late April to Early October!

The Space - Deer Park

The Deer Park Picnic Area features a large open field with over 50 picnic tables. The area is surrounded by trees which provide plenty of shade and there are several restrooms nearby.


Companies have enjoyed optimizing the space to host large scale team-building and fun family activities. A sand volleyball court and horseshoe pit is available for use. 

Deer Park has a maximum capacity of 950 people. 

Weekday / Weekend Rental: $600* per hour (6 hour minimum)

+ mandatory fees associated with rental. 

*Fees are subject to change in 2022.

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The Space - The Pool Site

Before you ask, no, there is no swimming pool here! 

The Pool Site is a formal, semi-private area nearby to the entrance of the Farm. Palmdale Estates Events can set the space with up to 25 x 60" round tables, seating 8-10 guests each. There are restrooms in the area and plenty of power outlets for presentations. 


This area has a maximum capacity of 250 people.

Weekday Rental - $2,800* (8 hrs)

Friday/Sunday - $3,500* (8 hrs)

Saturday - $4,000* (8 hrs)

+ mandatory fees associated with rental. 

*Fees are subject to change in 2022.

Catering & Beverage Service

Palmdale Estates Events is the exclusive caterer for events at Ardenwood Historic Farm.

BBQ Buffet Menu*

(The most popular for option corporate events!)

Brunch Menu*

(Pool Site Only)

Formal Buffet Menu*

(Lunch & Dinner. Pool Site Only)

Beverage Package*

Palmdale Estates Events has minimum guest requirements for all caterings. Please enquire for more details!

*Fees are subject to change in 2022.

Entertainment & Sound

Palmdale Estates Events works with awesome pre-approved vendors who can provide entertainment and activities to your guests! 

We also have a number of in-house games & sound equipment available. 

Activities / Team Building:

Team Building ROI

Plan-It Interactive

DJ / EMCEE / Sound EquipmenT:

Soundwave Mobile DJ

BIGFUN Disc Jockeys

Live Jazz / Ambient Music:

Magnolia Jazz Band



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