Ardenwood Historic Farm Virtual Tour!

We're highlighting the wedding sites at Ardenwood Historic Farm! Below you will find pictures and text outlining all of the information we present to you during an in-person tour. Please reach out to us on if you have any questions. You can also find the 360-degree version of this tour on our Weddingwire page. 

Arriving to Ardenwood Historic Farm

34600 Ardenwood Blvd

Fremont, CA 94555


Upon arrival to Ardenwood, guests will follow the long driveway around the fields belonging to Perrys Organic Farm. 

As guests get closer to the venue, they'll pass through a long portion of the driveway that is lined with huge, beautiful trees - this is where some of our most stunning sunset portraits have been taken!


The parking lot comes into view within minutes of arrival. 
There are paved spaces for 150 cars and plenty of overflow parking.


The entrance to the Farm is on the left of the parking lot. This yellow building is the Ardenwood Train Station - guests will enter here and walk through to the wedding sites. 

We have a parking attendant stationed at this gate. The attendant welcomes guests to the venue and points them in the right direction! 

There are restrooms available here.

If you have rented the golf cart then guests who need assistance will be told to wait in the train station and the golf cart will come to pick them up!

We recommend a sign posted by the walk-in gate (A-frame is best) with your names so guests are reassured they're in the right place! Something like -"Welcome to Nick & Lindsey's Wedding" is perfect!

Yes, we have a train! The train is run by volunteers from 11am - 3pm on Historic days (Friday & Sunday) during the summer months. 


Parking Lot

Pathway into the Farm to reach the wedding sites. This walk is about a quarter-mile on a flat, paved road.


Guests will reach this fork in the road. The wedding sites are to the left. We require you to have a sign here (A-frame is best) pointing guests in the correct direction. We have directional signs available to rent. 

*This picture is a little out of date, there is now a flower bed planted around the signs.


After passing the fork in the road, the pathway becomes more like something you would find in a secret garden. Enclosed by a beautiful tree canopy, you instantly get the feeling you're walking into something very special. 

To the parking lot

To the wedding sites

Guests will pass the entrance to the reception site (on their left) on their way to the ceremony!